Sponsor Interview with AMOS-Spacecom

Amir Carmeli, VP Sales, CEE at Spacecom, operators of AMOS satellites

What were your main objectives when you considered sponsoring at Digital TV CEE?

Spacecom’s main message is that we are a leading satellite operator with an excellent orbital position serving Central and Eastern Europe. As such, it is only natural that we consider taking part in one of the leading CEE events in the TV/broadcast domain. Our primary objective is for people to hear about and see AMOS.

How did the conference help you meet your objectives?

All the participants saw the AMOS logo and heard about us. The conference provided us a focused place to meet the relevant people to our business.

Do you think you saved time/money by consolidating meetings at the event?

The extra value from participating in the conference is that we can have meetings in a more relaxed and friendly environment. We do not view our participation to money or time. However, the conference greatly adds to developing relationships with prospective clients and enhancing interactions with our existing clients.

What were the highlights/top takeaways of the event for you?

The major highlights of the conference are meeting the right people and having the time to speak with them about our company and satellites.

How are you getting involved with the Digital TV Series moving forward?

We look forward every year to the conference and to furthering our participation.