2012 Interview with Christian Anting

Speaker interview with Christian Anting, Chief Operating Officer & VP of the Management Board, ITI Neovision
Christian Anting

What will drive future growth of pay TV in Poland and the CEE region in your opinion?

TV Services available anytime and anywhere will definitely drive future growth of pay TV in Poland and the CEE region. What is worth to mention is also the analogue TV switch-off which is planned for mid of 2013 in Poland. I am sure it is going to be a key driver for pay TV future landscape. Out of the three million terrestrial households affected, there is roughly one million that will ultimately become DTH subscribers and our platform is specially suited to attract a large part of them.

What new services do you think consumers are now looking for and which groups are likely to meet those needs?

We are seeing a strong growth of tablet penetration in the Polish market, so I believe multiscreen services are an important development of the pay TV industry for the coming months. From live sports to movies and top local production, customers will have the chance to watch linear and non-linear programmes anytime and anywhere, be it on the 60 inch flat TV at home or through a portable device. This kind of service is going to be well met not only by younger group of customers, but will also become very popular among whole families.

What topics do you think will produce the most interesting debates at Digital TV CEE

The changing Pay TV landscape can turn out to be one of the most interesting debates at Digital TV CEE. I am also convenient that debates on the OTT rapidly changing environment and multi-screen services future, can become a fantastic opportunity to discuss possible solutions.