2012 3D Experience

3D Experience session and presentation at Digital TV CEE 2012.

3D Experience took place during lunch break on Wednesday, 27th June 2012, at 13.00. The 3D Experience presentation screened some different examples about how to broadcast in 3D. Audience saw Basket, Rugby, athletics, and some documentaries footages.

3D Experience was introduced by Marc Welinski – Eutelsat Marketing Director, Europe’s leading satellite operator for direct-to-home (DTH) broadcasting, and a key player in professional broadcasting, from satellite newsgathering to primary transport to analogue and digital terrestrial television (DTT) transmitters. ww.eutelsat.com

Attendees heard from 3D Expert, Salvador Puig, on 3D TV Content Production. Salvador Puig has been a Sales Manager at D4D since 2009. D4D is an audiovisual service company specialising in providing 3D services for Broadcast, movies and documentaries. The company is producing 3D content for main 3D channels worldwide. D4D is also part of the Alt Dimensions Group. www.d4d.es www.alldimensions.eu

3D Experience organized by Comunicare Digitale, Italian leading association for the promotion and development of digital TV technologies in Europe. www.comunicaredigitale.it

LG Electronics Home Entertainment Company is supporting the 3D Experience Session.

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